Summerhouse Land

So my new book is to be called Summerhouse Land and I suppose it’s my take on death and heaven and all that, drawing on thoughts I’ve had knocking around in my head for more than four decades following the loss of a friend. It could be the start of a new series – I really don’t know. Before Christmas, if I can get my act together, I’ll be self-publishing a limited number of hardbacks. 

And here’s the progress on the cover illustration so far, a linocut by an artist whose work I’ve loved and collected for years.

Preliminary sketches:

SHL Sketch 1

SHL Sketch 2

And the linocut:

SHL Cover 4

SHL cover 3

SHL Cover 1

4 September 2015

21 September 2015

14 September 2015 A


Closer Book Promo

My friend Joel Guelzo is raising money for his film on Kickstarter at the moment, and it prompted me to watch this again. Really love it.


Styx Picture

Alex Naumovitch sent me this brilliant picture of a Styx she made with reclaimed items. 

Styx by Alex Naumovitch



The Word Made Real

My advance copy (just one – and, no, I’m not going to let anyone have it!) turned up today with a nice note from Barry, and Frankie took this photo to celebrate the moment.

DSC_7247 A2 LR (Large)


The Tunnels Movie – Announcement by Relativity Media

                                                              Relativity Media Logo

Relativity Signs Mikael Håfström To Direct Epic Adventure Film Tunnels

 Andrew Lobel Pens Script Based Upon Best-Selling Fantasy Book Series

(Beverly Hills, Calif.) February 28, 2013 – Relativity Media announced today they have signed Mikael Håfström (The Tomb, 1408) to direct a film based on the New York Times’ best-selling internationally-acclaimed fantasy adventure book series Tunnels.  The script by Andrew Lobel is based on the adapted screenplay originally written by Joel Bergvall & Simon Sandquist.  Tunnels is the film adaptation of the first installment of the novel series from Scholastic/Chicken House publishing, by authors Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams, which has sold over one million copies and has been published in nearly forty countries worldwide.

The authors have already completed five sequels with the sixth and final book in the series, Terminal, to be published in the U.S. this Fall. The property was unearthed by Barry Cunningham, the man credited with discovering Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling and whose boutique Chicken House imprint is part of Scholastic, the world’s largest publisher and distributor of children’s books and the U.S. publisher of the Harry Potter and The Hunger Games series.

Tunnels is a thrilling, epic fantasy adventure for all ages. Beneath the streets of London, two teenage boys discover an incredible, hidden underground world where a secret civilization has been desperately waiting for a hero to save them all.  The deeper they go, the closer they get to unearthing an evil that could destroy the world above and put an end to the lives they once lived.

Tunnels is being produced by Mark Canton (300, Immortals), Neil Canton (Back to the Future) and Danny Davids alongside Relativity’s CEO Ryan Kavanaugh (The Fighter). Relativity’s President Tucker Tooley (The Fighter) will executive produce with Kelly Dennis (1408). Atmosphere’s David Hopwood will serve as co-producer.

Cunningham said, “Only a few times in my life have I felt that rush of imagination in a story that I know is going to sweep up an audience in its grip, Tunnels made me believe in adventure, bravery and a new world.”

Tooley said, “Andrew has written an incredible script and Mikael brings a creative and powerful vision to this project. The Tunnels novels have proven to be one of the most immensely exciting adventure series in recent years and we can’t wait to translate that excitement to the big screen.”

“The originality of the book and its sequels, which uniquely combine the adventure of Indiana Jones with the magic of Narnia, along with its franchise potential, is what attracted Relativity, Neil, Danny and myself to Tunnels and I’m delighted to be producing it with them,” Mark Canton added. “Having just finished TheTomb with Mikael Hafstrom, I know first hand that he’s the perfect person to direct this epic fantasy, and Andrew Lobel’s script has captured every bit of the incredible world that Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams have created.”

“Barry Cunningham clearly has a keen eye for spotting authors whose epic stories appeal to readers of all ages around the globe,” said Ellie Berger, President, Scholastic Trade. “Scholastic is proud to be the American publisher of the bestselling Tunnels series, and we look forward to seeing this underground and imaginative world expand through film.”

Relativity’s Jason Barhydt will oversee the project for the studio.

Håfström is represented by WME. Lobel is represented by WME and Madhouse Entertainment.

Relativity’s latest film adaptation was Nicholas Sparks’ best-selling Safe Haven which opened on Valentine’s Day February 14th and grossed nearly $34 million in its first five days of release.

Relativity also recently acquired U.S. rights to distribute Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s daring, hotly- pursued directorial debut Don Jon’s Addiction at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival. Up next, Relativity will release the comedy 21 and Over (in theatres March 1, 2013) and the corporate espionage thriller Paranoia (in theatres October 4, 2013). Relativity is currently in post-production on Scott Cooper’s gritty dramatic thriller currently-titled Out of the Furnace and Luc Besson’s comedic action film currently-titled Malavita (October 18, 2013) with EuropaCorp.  Relativity is currently in production on Jimmy Hayward’s upcoming animated, hilarious buddy comedy Turkeys (November 1, 2013) and the currently-titled thriller Three Days to Kill with EuropaCorp.


Relativity Media is a next-generation studio engaged in multiple aspects of entertainment, including full-scale film and television production and distribution, international sales and distribution, the co-financing of major studio film slates, music publishing, sports management and digital media.  Additionally, the company makes strategic partnerships with, and investments in, media and entertainment-related companies and assets.

To date, Relativity has produced, distributed, and/or structured financing for more than 200 motion pictures.  Released films have accumulated more than $17 billion in worldwide box office receipts.  Relativity’s recent films include: Safe Haven, Movie 43, House at the End of the Street, The Bourne Legacy, The Raven, Mirror Mirror, Act of Valor, Haywire, Immortals, Tower Heist, Bridesmaids, Limitless, Hop, Cowboys & Aliens, Battle: Los Angeles, Little Fockers, The Fighter, The Social Network, Salt, Despicable Me, Grown Ups, Dear John, It’s Complicated, Couples Retreat and Zombieland. Upcoming films for Relativity include: 21 and Over, Paranoia and Malavita. Forty-six of the company’s films have opened to No. 1 at the box office.  Relativity films have earned 63 Oscar® nominations, including nods for The Fighter, The Social Network, The Wolfman, A Serious Man, Frost/Nixon, Atonement, American Gangster and 3:10 to Yuma. Seventy-two of Relativity’s films have each generated more than $100 million in worldwide box-office receipts.

RelativityREAL, Relativity’s television arm, has more than 70 projects in active production, including 17 original series that are currently airing or will air in the upcoming television season including Catfish the TV Show for MTV, The American Bible Challenge for GSN, Police Women for TLC, Coming Home for Lifetime and The Great Food Truck Race for Food Network. Relativity also owns and operates RogueLife, Relativity’s digital content studio is developing original content for the web and creating sustainable online platforms and communities. Relativity Music Group, a music division of Relativity, provides music supervision, music publishing catalogues and soundtrack services for films produced and/or distributed by Relativity Media and other major Hollywood studios. Relativity Sports is a fast-growing sports agency dedicated to providing high profile athletes a full range of professional development services including contract negotiation, marketing, media relations, fan management, brand building with entrepreneurial ventures, community involvement and personal services. Clients include NBA, NFL and MLB athletes. Relativity International oversees international sales and distribution management on behalf of Relativity’s films as well as third party releases. For additional information, please visit www.relativitymedia.com.



This is where it all ends

Martyn Pig stg2



Jakub’s Illustrations

Some truly inspired pictures by kind permission of Jakub Bogucki from Poland, some of which look as though they’ve been ripped straight from Dr Burrows’ journal! Jakub’s work can be seen here: http://tunnelsbooksillustrations.blogspot.co.uk/ and he’ll twitter when he’s completed more of them – @JakubBogus


Mock-up of a Tunnels Film Poster – Take Two

Another fantastic movie poster by Lucas of  tunelers.com.br – (he’s on Twitter as @tuneis).



Will in the Snow

From the scene in Spiral.


Mock-up of a Tunnels Film Poster

Incredible new work by Lucas of  tunelers.com.br – (follow him on Twitter as @tuneis).

One day this will be real!



Guess what Will wanted for Christmas?

A very happy Armagi-free Christmas to you all, and thank you for your support during the year!



Official Notices (an occasional series)

I did try to warn all of you. I told you this was coming. I did …


Official guidance.




If anyone’s seen Will, or my iPhone charger, could they please get in touch.



Some Pictures from the Voewood Literary Festival

Portrait by the official and very talented festival photographer, Maxine Moss, taken in the Voewood basement, with her daughter about to decapitate me.

© Maxine Moss, and see the rest of the portraits here.

I couldn’t do these events without Simon Wilkie …

With Simon Finch and Paul Blezard.

Simon Finch and Clare Conville opening the festival

Adam Ant on Sunday night.

Caffeine fix with a big hero, DBC Pierre.

Simon and Diana Athill

One of my favourite events – Glen Duncan reads with a performance by Stephen Coates of The Real Tuesday Weld.

Paul Blezard and Gavin Turk.


Guardian Masterclass – How to write fiction

I wrote a small piece for the Guardian on self-publishing The Highfield Mole (which became Tunnels). You can read it here:

And there’s also a Guardian Masterclass ebook with my contribution in it available for purchase here:



The Bomb And Me



Two more of Vane.


More Spiral Photos

This is Vane. Just don’t get too close.




The second Spiral photo

Hey, I’ve no idea what it is, and I’m the author.




The first of the Spiral photos

You probably think it’s all just made up, but – I tell you – this stuff’s real.


New Interview

New interview with Brittney Breakey just posted. Click her photo for the link:

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