Summerhouse Land is a new book I’ve written. I’m publishing it in a limited edition of five hundred hardbacks, all individually numbered and signed by me, with a truly incredible cover illustration by Stanley Donwood. And Stanley very kindly agreed to co-sign the first hundred books with me, and they come in a presentation box and with a postcard.

If you would like to know more or even to buy a book before they’re all gone, please see here.

DSC_4642A2BW (Large)

DSC_4763A3 (Large)

DSC_5770A (Large)

DSC_5773A (Large) STORE

DSC_5782A (Large)

DSC_5783A (Large)

DSC_5785A (Large)

DSC_5787A (Large)

DSC_5759A (Large)

DSC_5771A (Large)

DSC_5793A (Large)

DSC_5801A (Large)

DSC_5804A (Large)


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