Vilnius Book Fair in Lithuania as guests of Alma littera, February 2013

Barry Cunningham and Roderick Gordon with Andrius Petraitis of Alma littera

DSC00160 A (Large)

Barry Cunningham and Andrius Petraitis

DSC00153 A (Large)

The Tunnels Talk

DSC00241 A (Large)

DSC00244 (Large)

Television Interview

DSC00147 A (Large)


Other Interview Sessions

DSC00157 A (Large)

DSC00152 A LR (Large)

Around Lithuania

DSC00098 A (Large)

DSC00217 A (Large)

DSC00219 A LR

DSC00343 A LR (Large)

DSC00315 A2 LR (Large)


Older Photos

The Tunnels launch party at the Oxo Tower in July 2007, with our boss, Mr Cunningham, sir. And that was an excellent cappuccino I was about to pour down myself.

On the Tunnels tour, in 2007, hanging around in cemeteries.

At the Imaginales Festival in France, 16 May 2009.

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